About Downtown


The Downtown Spokane Partnership is dedicated to the creation of a dynamic, safe, vital, livable and sustainable Downtown as the basis of an economically healthy region.


An exciting, attractive, and productive downtown providing employment and living opportunities, unique shopping, entertainment, cultural events, and recreational activities integrated with surrounding neighborhoods. Positioning Downtown Spokane as a destination for people, drawing visitors from within the greater Spokane region and beyond.

Downtown Spokane Partnership (DSP)

The DSP is a private, non-profit membership organization that serves as Spokane's central city advocate and service provider, dedicated to enhancing the quality and vitality of Downtown Spokane as the basis for a healthy region. The DSP accomplishes its mission through advocating for public policies, business and project development, quality planning, physical improvement projects, public safety, beautification, and marketing programs that ensure downtown's continued success.

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Business Improvement District (BID)

The BID was created by Spokane City Council in July 1995 and reauthorized in 2001. The City of Spokane hires the DSP to administer the BID on the City's behalf to deliver enhanced services. Comprising approximately 80-blocks of the Central Business District, more than 850 businesses and 350 property owners are contained within the area.

The BID programs of clean, safe, fun, and parking have been fundamental since 1995, stabilizing Downtown and stimulating new investment. The BID encourages investment by providing the revenue and influence, to keep our commercial streets clean, safe, and economically vibrant.

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Downtown Spokane has three main funding sources to support initiatives. As a membership organization, it receives dues from members throughout the community who want to invest in the future of Downtown. Grants, contracts and private foundations secured through Ventures to advance specific development projects Downtown. As the management entity for Downtown’s Business Improvement District (BID), the DSP receives funding from assessment payments by downtown business and property owners.