Unique for a city of its size, Downtown Spokane has more than one million square feet of retail space in an attractive urban atmosphere that is unrivaled in the region. Nearly 50% of space is in comparison goods (apparel, general merchandise, home furnishings and appliances and miscellaneous goods.) Another 30% is filled by restaurants and drinking establishments. Downtown Spokane hosts a wide variety national brands and locally owned stores and restaurants. For more information about what's in the mix now, download this document

  • 1 Mile Radius 11,105
  • 3 Mile Radius 109,969 5
  • 5 Mile Radius 211,990
Average Household Income
  • 1 Mile Radius $34,764
  • 3 Mile Radius $50,806
  • 5 Mile Radius $54,451
Drive-by Market
  • Downtown serves a 133,000 10-minute drive time population, 610,000 MSA and 2.5 million in the region.
  • Approximately 273,000 vehicles each day use surface streets to enter or exit Downtown daily.
  • Interstate 90 carries approximately 100,000 vehicles per day in each direction through the city. River crossing locations have the highest daily average surface street volumes. In general, the north/south streets carry more vehicles than the east/west streets. Third Avenue is the east/west street that carries the most traffic with approximately 27,000 vehicles per day.
  • There are over 13,000 parking spaces located Downtown at more than 50 parking facilities.
  • Spokane Transit Authority’s hub is in Downtown. In 2012, 11.1 million riders used STA buses. Spokane’s average commute time is 19.8 minutes (US Census – American Community Survey 2011)
  • The average commute time is 21.5 minutes.